How a RIAC works


Level 0: “Zero”.

Preparation and acquisition: employers are looking for personnel / staff and are unable to fill vacancies with “matching” new personnel. In that regard, the challenge is to convince employers about the efficient functioning and the effectiveness of the RIAC approach. Refugees will be addressed through multipliers. In particular, contacts can be established in the community housing facilities where refugees live. In addition to that, any cooperation with public institutions, social services and the jobcentre is useful. The “job targets”, i. e. actual available job offers, are introduced to the refugees

Level I: Assessment.

The most suitable persons as participants in the RIAC are selected in a 3 weeks’ time. It is not required that any particular skills, work experience or qualification already exists. The focus is rather on the enhancement of potentials and key skills. General factors are for example reliability and the willingness to learn. Particular factors depend on the type of RIAC-Unit. After this time the participants for the next steps have been selected. The selection process will ensure that only the particularly able and interested refugees will take part in the ensuing stages of the RIAC.

Level II: Implementation/Integration.

The further steps towards integration include language training, skills training and integration into the hosting society. The contents will be defined in accordance with the respective employer. In order to prove integration into the hosting society, volunteers serve as mentors and assist the participants. Legal questions regarding the asylum status etc. or other obstacles are being dealt with by the speed manager.

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