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RIAC final conference:

Our final conference took place on 23th November 2020.

Started in 2018 the Project RIAC – Regional Integration Accelerator is approaching its final stages.
The final Conference on 23th November 2020 between 13.00 – 16.00 (German Time) will be the opportunity to assess the strategic value of the project on different perspectives: future of the projects, the organisational resources and culture, and the relations with stakeholders. – The virtual expo area opens at 10 am.

We thank all participants!




World Refugee Day 2020

HABITAT Day by day the world refugees' number is increasing and within the International celebration of the world refugee day, we wanted to give the stage for RIAC Network members and host them in a Facebook live stream to deliver their own personal messages to the...

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Immigrants. Change your look!

ALISEI The photographic exhibition "Immigrants. Change your look!”  Was inaugurated on 24-10-2019. The initiative was motivated by the opportunity to clarify the real situation of refugees and asylum seekers and consequently stimulate reflections and objective...

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EURAM 2019 Exploring the Future of Management

Lisbon/Portugal26th - 28th June2019 Exploring the Future of Management Interesting Debates on the future of Management: Facts, Fashion and Fado. Organisations, as open systems embedded in a larger open system that we usually call environment, establish bi-univocal...

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The Migration Conference 2019

Bari/Italy18th - 20th June2019 Description The seventh edition of The Migration Conference will be held in Bari, Italy from 18-20 June 2019. The conference provides an opportunity for an interdisciplinary discussion among experts, young researchers and students,...

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Dietzenbach/Germany21st – 24th May 2019 Welcome and Integration for Refugees in Europe (WIR Project) Seminar on communication and stereotype - Event 8 The Kreis Offenbach is Partner in the WIR Project and welcomes from 21st to 24th the other Partners from Italy,...

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