What is a RIAC?

Regional Integration Accelerators 

(RIACs) are decentralized Units for the placement (“integration”) of migrants and refugees into the labour market. RIACs are being initiated in cooperation with employers.

The focus: RIACs are focussing on the actual need of the respective participating (“cooperating”) employers. By operating on a regional or local level, RIACs are able to map the structures of the respective employers.

RIACs are able to offer “goals” and “targets”, i. e. jobs for refugees (“participants”). The participants obtain a “job perspective” early on. They are being integrated into the workflows of their respective employers.

Each RIAC is a small, comprehensible and manageable unit. It offers a clear framework for the participating employers and up to twelve participants.

The coordination and modification of each RIAC is stringent and pursues the goal of finding a swift and – according to the requirements of the labour market – fitting placement keeping an eye on their sustainability and durability.

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