The roles/ making the job

In order to create and to implement the RIAC Units the following positions and functions are required


The Coordinator is responsible for the implementation and the coordination of the RIAC Units taking care of the cooperation among all actors involved

Mentoring Manager

The “Mentoring Manager” acquires, trains and supports mentors which help and support refugees during the process of social integration. The Mentoring Manager also ensures that mentors refrain from pursuing other arbitrary or indiscriminate goals and that the process of mentoring is subordinate to the main objectives of the RIACs. This subordination also includes a central coordination.

Language Coaches

Their role is to design and carry out Actions in order to improve the language skills of the participants.

Since speaking the language is the crucial key factor towards integration, language training is of great relevance.

Speed Manager

The Speed Manager takes care of all individual needs and clarifications concerning the refugees and the employers which may hinder or slow down the process of integration. Such hindrances or obstacles may include the process of applying for asylum, but also other consultation and discussion needs.



Mentors are volunteers who help refugees to integrate themselves into the host society. Staff of the participating companies and entities may also serve as mentors.

Skills Coaches

Their role is to improve the participants’ professional skills in a given sector. Nevertheless, the actual training of “job skills” takes place predominantly within the workplace and is outlined and planned in cooperation with the employers.

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