The Ruhr University in Bochum is resposible for the sub-project “Comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation Plan for Refugees’ Labour Market Integration”. The Sub-project focuses on the evaluation of processes and the measurement of outcomes. The main objective is to indicate which implemented measures show the highest success with respect to low drop-out, gender equality and further employability, and which employer conditions matter most.

The evaluation activities build on the scientific expertise of the evaluation team, e.g. in terms of measuring skills, meta-competences and organisational capabilities. The evaluation and measurement outcomes, which will be disseminated in multiple ways, will affect various policy areas, such as labour market policies, refugee & asylum policy (e.g. humanitarian protection), public policies, and anti-discrimination and diversity policies as well as specific employer-related support.

The development and distribution of the following evaluation and survey instruments is completed:

  • Paper questionnaire: Access to the labour market and coping with changes (i.e. an instrument for measuring refugees’ individual employability / competences). Available in 9 languages,
  • Paper questionnaire: Prerequisites for a successful business start-up (i.e. an instrument for measuring the readiness of self-employed). Available in 9 languages
  • Online questionnaire: Organisational prerequisites for the successful integration of refugees (i.e. an instrument for measuring the readiness of employers). Available in 5 languages.
  • Online questionnaire: Implementation process and implementation barriers to the introduction of RIAC activities – interim evaluation (i.e. an instrument for evaluating the RIAC implementation process). Available in English
  • All questionnaires are available online at http://l.rub.de/59140448

A European wide symposium on “Employer and Regional Readiness for Refugees’ Labour Market Integration” has successfully been submitted for the EURAM (European Academy of Management) 2019 conference in Lisbon (26-28th June). _ for the news http://www.euramonline.org/annual-conference-2019.html

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