Standardization and product development

In order to ensure the sustainability, the scalability and the transnational relevance of our approach, it is crucial to provide the standardization and documentation of the functionality and the results of the RIACs (after a first round of “testing”).

A definition: In RIAC Project we understand under “standardization” the formulation, publication, and implementation of guidelines, rules, and specifications for common and repeated use, aimed at achieving optimum degree of order or uniformity in a given context, discipline, or field. This action takes place in several loops and under different conditions. Starting from the different implementations of the same the aim is to create a RIAC-model.

Due to the standardization (development of a manual and templates) we will achieve that a transfer / an application to other regions is more easily comprehensible and imaginable by third parties.

At the same time, the concrete implementation of transferring the approach is relatively easy because the basis processes have already been comprehensively documented.

Because RIACs are able to use to local conditions as a starting point and to provide an individually coordinated solution, RIACs may always be modified in order to adapt to local, regional, national particularities. This makes the concept easily transferable since it does not contain abstract definitions which can only be implemented in certain regions.

Scalability is easy due to the standardization of the RIAC methodology (manual, templates). The concept can be adapted in different locations and in other numbers.

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