Speeding up the processes:
Acceleration through RIAC

The RIAC model is able to create a stringent, universal, multi-dimensional and all-embracing process which is significantly faster than the traditional “step-by-step” approach.

Since the employers have already offered a specific perspective of finding a job, all the participants are aware what is at stake and which advantage can be had by involving oneself. The participants have a clear goal.

By involving the participants in routines and workflows early on, and by establishing contacts with colleagues (“native speakers”) in the workplace, learning the language is facilitated. In addition to that, the participants take part in a specific language training course, which is adapted to fit the needs of the employer. The participants are also able to utilize additional self-learning tools. Such self-learning tools will only be effective if the participants are highly motivated. The participants are highly motivated because they are focussing on a clear goal.

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