EURAM 2019

19th Conference

26th – 28th June

Exploring the Future of Management

Interesting Debates on the future of Management: Facts, Fashion and Fado.

Organisations, as open systems embedded in a larger open system that we usually call environment, establish bi-univocal relationships that mutually impact each other. Thus, the need for us to continuously study, discuss and understand not only both systems but how they influence one another. What are the main trends in the environment? How will current and future demographic and technological developments affect organisations and their societal role?

Artificial intelligence, Big Data, demographic imbalances such as, in the case of Europe, a decreasing and ageing population are deeply transforming the way we understand and manage organisations. What will work look like in the years ahead? How much of what we do will be replaced by robots and what will the interaction between these and humans be? How to manage such challenge? How to finance such system and keep social order?




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